Our History

Mr. Roberto Brevi founds OMB to manufacture forged steel valves in a small garage in the village of Cenate, few kilometers west of Bergamo.
Mr. Brevi's carrier in the valves business starts in 1956 when he joins a local manufacturer of piping components called O.M.B.A., from the early '60 part of the US based Gulf+Western conglomerate.

OMB adds a line of ball valves, mainly targeting the offshore sector

OMB opens its first office abroad in Houston, TX

OMB (Valves) Asia Pte Ltd estalished in Singapore.
The first plant abroad focuses on forged steel valves to service the growing Asian market.
Since its starting, all forgings and components are sourced only in Italy,

The group acquires Calobri, a manufacturer of forged steel valves based near Milan, Italy.
Founded in 1948, Calobri specialized in special valves for the north Sea offshore market

Industrial Valve Manufacturer, IVM  is founded in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
OMB licensee, the plant is the first fully integrated manufacturer of forged valves and ball valves operating in the country approved by Saudi Aramco.

Fluicon, a 100% owned subsidiary, develops a new line of Triple Offset Butterly valves.
The operation merges in OMB valves s.p.a in 2017.

OMB Valves inc. plant opens is Stafford, TX, USA to support the group growing business in the Americas.

OMB acquires Vogt Valves business from Flowserve.
The manufacturing activities are relocated in Stafford, TX at the site of OMB valves inc..
The Vogt product line is expanded and the supply base moved to Italy and USA.
Calobri plant in Italy is renamed Vogt Valves srl adding API600, API6D and API6A products to the Vogt line.

All R&D activities of the group are concetrated in BUTI Research srl.
The newly established company researches new technologies such as Additive Manufacturing, and leads the development of product lines in the deep cryogenics for Aerospace and specialty gas. 

OMB acquires BEL Valves srl, the Italian based operation of BEL valves UK.
WIth a plant in Corsico, Milan, BEL acquisition adds a new line of Pipeline Gate valves and engineered ball valves.
Vogt Valves srl operations are merged with former BEL Valves srl and moved to the Corsico plant.

First large orders for Liquid Hydrogen and Liquid Oxygen service valves for the Aereospace and semiconductor industries are shipped.
A new division of Vogt Valves is formed to focus on the products for the Hydrogen cycle

On December 31st, Mr Roberto Brevi, founder of OMB, passes away at 83. 

OMB acquires in February Nencini srl, a leading Italian manufacturer of valves for water service
Nencini acquisition.is part of OMB group strategy to expand in the renewable energy sector.
Nencini operates a plant in Colle Val d'Elsa in Tuscany.
Nencini opens a liason office in USA at the Vogt Stafford plant.

Vogt Valves Hydrogen Division innaugurates a new plant in Cenate to expand its assembly, testing and Clean Room facilities.

OMB expands its solar pannels installation to generate 1.2Mw of green energy to reduce its Carbon Footprint

OMB celebrates its 50th year anniversary.

... to be continued


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