We are recognized as a leading supplier for Forged Steel Valves in hydrocarbons and chemical processing plants since '73.

The experience in supplying engineering companies at the construction phase makes OMB a reliable source of expertise in the choice, design, installation and maintenance of valves where a complete guarantee of superior operation and long reliability is required. 

Our global distribution network coupled with our extensive inventories provide our products to the hundreds of MRO contracts we manage.

Forged Steel Valves to API602 
Floating and Trunnion Ball valves to API608
Triple Offset Butterfly valves to API609
Dual Plate and Axial Check valves
Forged Steel Gate, Globe and Check valves to API600, with Bolted and Pressure Seal Bonnet
Control Valves

All our products are availale certified to the latest Fugitive Emission standards such as ISO15848, API 624 and API641. 

Forgings are sourced only in Italy and are available in more than 50 ASTM denominated materials: from A105 to Titanium including all the alloys and stainless steels.

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API602 certificate      download here
AD200 certificate      download here
ATEX certificate      download here
PED certificate      download here
SIL certificate      download here

Manufacturing & Test
Process valves are manufactured at
- OMB plant in Cenate (Italy) 
- OMB plant in Singapore 
- IVM plant in Damman (KSA)
- SPSV plant in Damman (KSA)
​- Vogt plant in Settimo Milanese (Italy) 
​- Vogt plant in Stafford (USA) 

OMB state-of-the-art plants extensive use of robotics ensure higher qualify and competitive prices

Special Test Equipments:
All OMB group plants are equipped with modern test benches to meet stringent Quality and HSE rules
Supplementary tests such as PMI, MP, UT, Fugitive Emission, Fire Safe are available in our laboratories.

Sales Contacts
OMB VP Sales, Projects: Roberto Magni    mail
OMB VP Sales, Distribution: Sandy Brumbaugh    mail

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