We offer a range of valves for Subsea Applications qualified to the latest international Standards.

API6DSS Ball Valves
API6DSS Through Conduit Gate Valves
API6A Ball Valves
API6A Through Conduit Gate Valves
API6A Check Valves

Valves are available either manual, equipped for ROV operation or with actuators.

API6DSS certificates      download here

Manufacturing & Test
Subsea Service valves are manufactured exclusivelly at OMB plant in Cenate (Italy)

All pressure containing parts machining is executed in house.
Cladding is performed in OMB state-of-the-art welding plant

Special Test Equipments:
High Pressure Gas Test Bunker with PR2 automatized test loop benches up to 20,000 PSI
Hyperaric Chamber to 3000mt/10.000Ft for prototype and functional tests.

Sales Contacts
OMB Upstream Sales Manager: Pascal Lazarowicz  mail

OMB Subsea Service valves presentation



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