OMB Valves supplies a complete range of specialty products which are used in the offfshore and onshore exploration and production sector.
With 45 year experience in supplying valves for the demanding fields of the North Sea, Middle East, Gulf of Mexico, South East Asia and the Artic, OMB offers a complete range of solutions for the most severe applications.

Forged Steel Gate, Globe, Check
Ball Valves : Floating and Trunnion, Side Entry and Top Entry
Modular Double Block and Bleed valves
Thru Conduit Gate valves, Slab and Expanding
Check valves: Swing, Tilting, Lift, Dual plate, Axial
NiAl Bronze and SuperDuplex valves for offshore fire fighting service
Valves in Titanium & CRAs

Valves are available either manual or with actuators.

Here a link to the products datasheets

API6D certificate      download here
API6A certificate      download here
Achilles certificate    download here
ATEX certificate       download here
SIL certificate           download here

Manufacturing & Test
Upstream Service valves are manufactured at:
- OMB plant in Cenate (Italy) 
​- Vogt plant in Settimo Milanese (Italy) 
​- BEL valves plant in Corsico (Italy) 

Cladding is performed in OMB state-of-the-art welding plant

Special Test Equipments:
6 High Pressure Gas Test Bunkers with PR2 automatized test loop benches up to 20,000 PSI

Sales Contacts
OMB Upstream Sales Manager: Pascal Lazarowicz    mail

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